Custom Development

Hey, 👋 I'm Felipe Lima, and I'm the creator of ScaffoldHub.

I offer custom development services in case you need to expand the built-in ScaffoldHub functionalities.

Custom Development

I only work with development tasks, meaning that I don't get involved in high-level business planning.

It can be a complete project, a module, or just a feature, if you have the specifics of what you need, I can build it.

I have plenty of experience with web development, especially with ScaffoldHub, which I'm iterating and improving for about four years now.

The custom development workflow works like this:

  • You send me the specifics of a feature.

  • I send you the quote for the time and cost.

  • You pay half up-front.

  • I deliver it to you.

  • You pay the other half.

We iterate through this process until all the features you need are complete.

Consulting on the ScaffoldHub architecture

In case you have questions and want me to explain live the architecture of ScaffoldHub in detail, I'm here to help. We make a call, you invite your team, and I explain and answer everything you need to know.

Both development and consulting are based on a $50/hour price.

Please email me at

Thank you for choosing ScaffoldHub!