ScaffoldHub projects allow you to scope the application's data in two different ways.


The single-tenant mode scopes the application data to a single tenant.

Every entity (for example, customer, product, or order) that you create will be available to all users of the platform to access, restricting only their roles and permissions to access it.

By default, when you register the first user, they will be set as the application's admin.


The multi-tenant mode allows you to create multiple workspaces.

The workspace term is just a label; you can rename it to anything appropriate to your business model. Examples are Organizations, Companies, Teams, etc.

Each workspace has its Users, Audit Logs, Settings, and Entities.


After a new user signs up, they are asked to create a new workspace.

If the user has been invited but didn't come from the invitation email, they will be asked if they want to accept the invitation or create a new workspace.

Managing workspaces

Users can switch, create, edit, or delete workspaces on the Workspaces page, accessed via the User's menu. Permission to edit and delete a specific workspace depends on the role the user has in that workspace.

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